Creating a persistence

You can use your own persistence technology by implementing the Persistence interface and providing it as a configuration to bus.
The Persistence interface has the following properties that need to be implemented
* Infrastructure that provides the ability to persist workflow state for long running processes
export interface Persistence {
* An optional function that is called before startup that will provide core dependencies
* to the persistence. This can be used to fetch loggers etc that are used
* in initialization steps
* @param coreDependencies
prepare (coreDependencies: CoreDependencies): void
* If provided, initializes the persistence implementation. This is where database connections are
* started.
initialize? (): Promise<void>
* If provided, will dispose any resources related to the persistence. This is where things like
* closing database connections should occur.
dispose? (): Promise<void>
* Allows the persistence implementation to set up its internal structure to support the workflow state
* that it will be persisting. Typically for a database this could mean setting up the internal table
* schema to support persisting of each of the workflow state models.
initializeWorkflow<TWorkflowState extends WorkflowState> (
workflowStateConstructor: ClassConstructor<TWorkflowState>,
messageWorkflowMappings: MessageWorkflowMapping<Message, WorkflowState>[]
): Promise<void>
* Retrieves all workflow state models that match the given `messageMap` criteria
* @param workflowStateConstructor The workflow model type to retrieve
* @param messageMap How the message is mapped to workflow state models
* @param message The message to map to workflow state
* @param includeCompleted If completed workflow state items should also be returned. False by default
getWorkflowState<WorkflowStateType extends WorkflowState, MessageType extends Message> (
workflowStateConstructor: ClassConstructor<WorkflowStateType>,
messageMap: MessageWorkflowMapping<MessageType, WorkflowStateType>,
message: MessageType,
messageOptions: MessageAttributes,
includeCompleted?: boolean
): Promise<WorkflowStateType[]>
* Saves a new workflow state model or updates an existing one. Persistence implementations should take care
* to observe the change in `$version` of the workflow state model when persisting to ensure race conditions
* don't occur.
saveWorkflowState<WorkflowStateType extends WorkflowState> (
workflowState: WorkflowStateType
): Promise<void>
Once this is implemented, provide it to the bus configuration
import { Bus } from '@node-ts/bus-core'
import { MyPersistence } from './my-persistence'
const myPersistence = new MyPersistence()
await Bus