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RabbitMQ is an AMQP compatible transport that's officially supported by @node-ts/bus. Once configured, @node-ts/bus will create all necessary queues and exchanges to support the handlers of the application.


Install the @node-ts/bus-rabbitmq npm package
npm i @node-ts/bus-rabbitmq
Once installed, configure a new RabbitMqTransport and provide it to the bus configuration
import { Bus } from '@node-ts/bus-core'
import { RabbitMqTransport, RabbitMqTransportConfiguration } from '@node-ts/bus-rabbitmq'
const rabbitConfiguration: RabbitMqTransportConfiguration = {
queueName: 'accounts-application-queue',
connectionString: 'amqp://guest:guest@localhost',
maxRetries: 5
const rabbitMqTransport = new RabbitMqTransport(rabbitConfiguration)
await Bus