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Amazon SQS

SQS is a fully managed queue provider from AWS that's officially supported by @node-ts/bus. Once configured, @node-ts/bus will automatically create all SNS topics, SQS queues and manage subscriptions for the handlers of your application.


Install the @node-ts/bus-sqs package
npm install @node-ts/bus-sqs
Configure the transport and provide this to the bus configuration
import { Bus } from '@node-ts/bus-core'
import { SqsTransport, SqsTransportConfiguration } from '@node-ts/bus-sqs'
const sqsConfiguration: SqsTransportConfiguration = {
awsRegion: AWS_REGION,
awsAccountId: AWS_ACCOUNT_ID,
queueName: 'service-queue',
deadLetterQueueName: `service-queue-dead-letter`
const sqsTransport = new SqsTransport(sqsConfiguration)
await Bus
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