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Instances of a workflow are started by one or more messages. When one of these types of messages are received a new workflow state is created and execution of the workflow begins.
Declare a handler for the message that starts your workflow, and then map it using the WorkflowMapper.
import { Workflow } from '@node-ts/bus-core'
export class FulfilmentWorkflow extends Workflow<FulfilmentWorkflowState> {
configureWorkflow (
mapper: WorkflowMapper<FulfilmentWorkflowState, FulfilmentWorkflow>
): void {
// Start a new workflow when an `ItemPurchased` event is received
.startedBy(ItemPurchased, 'shipItem')
// Handles an `ItemPurchased` event
async shipItem (event: ItemPurchased) {
// ...
In this case, when a ItemPurchased event is received, it will start a new workflow and dispatch the message to the shipItem handler.